You need to add an assembly kit to your product. You want your customer to have the right quantity and types of components in the bag.

Your company packs hydraulic fittings, several pieces of each, into poly bags or cardboard boxes. You need a product designation and barcode label.

You need to pack products containing different parts into poly bags or repack large quantities of products into bulk containers.

A daily operation in your business is packing large volumes of products into bulk containers, like bags, boxes, plastic bins, and the like

Repacking of pieces from bulk containers to smaller and neater packaging units. Packing of precisely dispensed batches of products into poly bags, cardboard boxes, and euro-slotted header bags. The product label is essential!

You include an assembly kit with your product. You don’t want a complaint because ‘a bolt is missing’. You require continued production.

Do you supply your products with assembly kits? Are your parts on a shop display?

You pack installation kits for PV panels. You are a distributor of installation parts.

Other industries

Do you have other processing needs?
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