Automatic part counters

Do you manually count products to be packed? Can you not afford any mistakes Need more people to staff the process?

How does this machine work?

These machines are designed for the precise counting of a preset number of components. The operator places the parts to be batched out in a cylindrical vibration feeder. This unit has two functions: it serves as a magazine for parts and a device for positioning and separation of the parts to be batched out.

The vibrating motion moves the parts inside of the feeder bowl. There is an optical counting gate at the exit of the bowl. The machine’s parameters, like the part count per batch, the feeder speed, and more, are set up using an HMI touch screen.

The counted batch is moved into a lidded bin. The machine verifies that the number of components which passed the optical counting gate matches the number preset in the on-screen menu. If the verification is OK, the machine displays this to the operator. If something is wrong, the entire batch is diverted to a NOK bin.

If the components must be dispensed into batches with maximum precision, an optional checkweigher sensor can be installed. It weighs the lidded bin with the contents. The operator presets the minimum and maximum weight limits. In this case, the machine counts the components to reach a preset number. Next, the weight of the components in the buffer is verified. This is a two-step control process: the batched components are inspected by quantity and by weight.

The operator works at a bench. There is an HMI touch screen and LED indicators here. A green LED comes on once the machine has dispensed a full batch of components. Now the operator can place a container or a packaging unit under the hopper to pack the counted components into. The batch is released from the bin using a foot or hand switch.

These machines are designed to solve specific problems at the production plants of our customers. Each of our machines is engineered and built per custom specifications.

What can be your benefits?

  • You will reduce the staff needed for packing – by 1 to 2 FTEs per work shift.
  • You will improve your packing productivity by at least 50% per worker.
  • You can be sure the components are counted correctly!


  • productivity: 950 batches/h maximum
  • operators: 1
  • power supply: 230 V/50 Hz or 3 × 400 V/50 Hz, as specified.
  • power rating: ca. 700 W
  • air supply pressure: min
    5 bar
  • approximate size: 2.5 × 1.5 m

Most popular setups:

  • batching of components
  • batching of components with an additional weight check

Expansion options:

  • refilling feeder for the counting module;
  • checkweigher integrated with the operator’s bench;
  • machine interfacing with the customer’s ERP.

What are the target industries?


Fastening hardware wholesalers

Plastic processing

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