Do you need to monitor the weight of your products? Do you need to be certain that the finished package contains all the needed parts?

How does this machine work?

A checkweigher is a unit comprising a conveyor belt installed on strain gauge sensors. The entire machine is designed and built per custom order.

We use different weight sensor types depending on the specified weighing accuracy. The size/dimensions of the weighed products define the machine’s size.

If high accuracy is required, we design the machine to run in an on-off mode.
The product is held on the checkweigher until the weight is measured. If you need a fast weighing process and can sacrifice accuracy, we design continuous checkweighers.

If you want a machine like that to work on your production line, we can integrate it!

These checkweighers are designed to solve specific problems at the production plants of our customers. Each of our checkweighers is engineered and built per custom specifications.

What can be your benefits?

  • You will solve your staff shortage issues by reducing at least
    1 FTE.
  • Reduced employee turnover – the work is less repetitive.


  • maximum capacity: 5 to 100 kg
  • operators: none
  • electric roller drive
  • power rating: 200 to 2200 W
  • approximate size: as specified

Most popular setups:

  • scale pan size: 300 × 300 mm.
    Max capacity: 5 kg.
    Reading accuracy: 1 g

Expansion options:

  • HMI touch screen for parameter settings;
  • integration with the customer’s processing line;
  • product weight rejection system;
  • integration with the customer’s IT system.

What are the target industries?

Furniture manufacturers

Door and window manufacturers


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