Hot glue box forming machine

Do you want automatic JIT folding and sealing of boxes?

How does this machine work?

The operator stacks the blank cardboard boxes on a trolley. The trolley is inserted into the folder gluer.

The suction cups pick one blank from the stack. The horizontal trolley moves the box blank over the forming die. During this movement, hot-melt glue is applied to the blank.

A punch presses the blank through the forming die. The walls and flaps of the box are brought to shape in this step. The glue is pressed between the cardboard surfaces and the cardboard box is made.

This machine is provided with two alternating magazines for cardboard blanks.
This enables uninterrupted operation. The machine stops for about 20 seconds when an empty trolley is removed.

The forming dies and punches are engineered and made specifically for the box type and size. The machine’s parameters can be stored for each box type processed.

Before running in automatic mode, the gluer verifies that the loaded blanks match the preset glueing parameters and the installed forming die and punch.
If something is wrong, the machine will not run. This prevents potential errors by the operator.

These folder gluers are designed to solve specific problems at the production plants of our customers. Each of our folder gluers is engineered and built per custom specifications.

What can be your benefits?

  • prefabrication of cardboard boxes per production line specifications;
  • eliminates manual folding/glueing of cardboard boxes;
  • no need to store finished boxes.


  • replaceable forming dies and punches for cardboard blanks
  • glueing: hot-melt adhesive
  • quick tool changeover
  • HMI touch screen for parameter settings
  • power supply: 3 × 400 V/50 Hz.
  • power rating: ca. 5000 W
  • air supply pressure: min 5 bar

Most popular setups:

  • automatic version with two blank magazines
  • automatic version with one blank magazine

Expansion options:

  • integration with the customer’s processing line;
  • integration with the customer’s IT system.

What are the target industries?

Fastener manufacturers

Plastic processing


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