Machines that pack items in hanging bags

Do you want your products to stand out on the shelf at the store? Will a store not accept your product without a header tag? Need more people for packing?

How does this machine work?

This machine packs products into prefabricated top-opened poly bags with header tags. Depending on the production batch size, the packing process can be automatic or manual.

Automatic packing uses counting modules. The operator places the pieces into vibration feeders. Optical counting gates pass a specific number of components into a lidded bin. The number of components to be counted and dispensed is set on the machine’s HMI touchscreen. If the packing process must be very accurate, we equip our counting modules with additional checkweighers. A counted and verified batch of components is placed in an open poly bag.

In manual packing, all these operations are done by an operator who puts the products in a poly bag.

The empty bags are suspended on a hanger using the euro slot in the header.
The bags are placed in one of two alternating magazines (adding more bags to be fed does not interrupt the machine run).

The bags are picked from a magazine using suction cups and placed on a chain conveyor. The machine carries the bags between the processing stations.

Optional accessories include a thermal transfer printer which labels the bag with direct markings. In the downstream processing steps, the poly bag is opened, filled with the product and welded shut.

Packing products on this type of machine ensures durable welds applied at the same locations on the poly bags, and consistent label application.

These machines are designed to solve specific problems at the production plants of our customers. Each of our machines is engineered and built per custom specifications.

What can be your benefits?

  • You will reduce the staff needed for packing – by 1 to 4 FTEs per work shift.
  • You will improve your packing productivity by at least 100% per worker.
  • The operator can handle other work while the machine is running (the machine needs to be refilled with components to be packed about every 30 minutes).
  • You will enjoy repeatable, high-quality poly bags.


  • productivity: 850 bags/h maximum
  • operators: 1
  • top-opened poly bags with header tags
  • power supply: 3 × 400 V/50 Hz
  • power rating: ca. 2000 W
  • air supply pressure: min 5 bar
  • approximate size: 3.5 × 4.0 m

Most popular setups:

  • automatic with 1 or 2 counting modules
  • semi-automatic with manual insertion of components

Expansion options:

  • thermal transfer printer for direct marking on bags;
  • label printer or sticker labeller for bags;
  • bagged product bulk boxing module;
  • finished bag checkweigher;
  • barcode reader;
  • machine interfacing with the customer’s ERP.

What are the target industries?


Hydraulic fittings manufacturers

Plastic processing

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