Vertical bagging machines

Do you need to pack your products in poly bags?
Filling and sealing by hand takes too much time?
Short on workers for repetitive manual work?

How does this machine work?

These machines are used whenever products are bagged manually. The workers use prefabricated poly bags. They need to open the bags, place the contents, close the bags, and seal them with a pulse welder.

What if you could make the bags yourself?

Our customers use these machines to fabricate poly bags and pack products into the bags at the same time.

The whole production process begins with installing a reel of flat-sleeved film in the machine. A system of rollers with a rounding tube on the machine opens the film sleeve.

The rounding tube is also a chute through which the products are placed in each bag. A welding system seals the sleeve at the top and bottom edges of the bag being formed. The bags are separated from the welded sleeve with a knife.

How to put the goods into the bag? Our customers often buy semi-automatic versions of these machines. We designed and installed an operator’s bench above the machine to accept the components to be bagged. The operator picks the components into a batch and drops them through a port in the bench. The components go down the tube and into the bag.

If the bags need to be labelled, a label printer to mark the plastic film directly or a sticker labeller can be installed on the machine.

A conveyor belt carries the finished bags to a bulk container.

Packing products on this type of machine ensures repeatable poly bag dimensions, durable welds applied at the same locations, and regular printed marking or label application.

The machines of the type shown have been designed and built by us per specific needs and expectations of customers. These are examples of solutions for problems which we have encountered in packing processes. Each of our machines is adapted to the customer’s needs .

What can be your benefits?

  • You will reduce the staff needed for packing – by 1 to 3 FTEs per work shift.
  • You will improve your packing productivity 2 to 3 times per worker.
  • You will enjoy repeatable, high-quality poly bags.


  • productivity: 1000 bags/h maximum
  • operators: 1
  • plastic film: flat-sleeved perforated LDPE, gauge 50 to 120 um.
    Working width adjusted to poly bag width.
  • power supply: 3 × 400 V/50 Hz
  • power rating: ca. 1000 W
  • air supply pressure: min 5 bar
  • approximate size: 2 × 2.5 m

Most popular setups:

  • Vertical bagging machine and a bench with compartments for components
  • Slanted bagging machine with a bag rest for weld sealing

Expansion options:

  • support for welding heavy bags;
  • thermal transfer printer for direct marking on bags;
  • label printer or sticker labeller for bags;
  • bagged product bulk boxing module;
  • barcode reader;
  • machine interfacing with the customer’s ERP.

What are the target industries?

Fastening hardware wholesalers

Fastener manufacturers


Will this machine do well in your company?
Is your product compatible with packing with this machine type?

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