Vibrating weighing machines

Do you pack products into bulk containers with a predefined weight? Do you need to improve the productivity of packing in bulk? Do you still have your packing floor understaffed?

How does this machine work?

Depending on the packaging type to house the parts, we use different feeding techniques for the packing machines. Our customers most often feed products from pallets boxes. In this case, we install a pallet box tipper. The operator carries a pallet box on a forklift truck into the tipper. The tipping is controlled by the operator using a remote.

The parts are discharged into a large vibrating tub, which is a buffer. The vibrating motion carries the components into a small vibrating feeder. The small vibrating feeder rests on weight sensors, and the machine’s controller tries to achieve the preset weight of the product on the pan.

The operator works at a bench with integrated checkweighers. The operator places an empty packaging unit on the first checkweigher. The small vibrating pan dispenses the products through a hopper with a flap. The machine governs the feeder speed depending on the number of parts to be packed. When the weight of the components in the packaging unit matches the operator’s preset, the hopper closes the flap. The operator moves the full packaging to the second checkweigher, where the number of components in the package is manually verified and corrected.

An HMI touch screen is provided for setting up the machine’s operating parameters. The daily work can be made much faster by storing and recalling the machine parameter presets for component types already packed.

These batching machines are designed to solve specific problems at the production plants of our customers. Each of our vibrating weighing machines is engineered and built per custom specifications.

What can be your benefits?

  • You will reduce the staff needed for packing – by 1 to 3 FTEs per work shift.
  • You will improve your packing productivity by at least 100% per worker.
  • Reduced employee turnover – the work is less physically demanding.


  • productivity: 2000 kg/h max
  • maximum bolt/fastener length packed: 150 mm
  • operators: 1
  • power supply: 3 × 400 V/50 Hz
  • power rating: ca. 3000 W
  • air supply pressure: min 5 bar
  • approximate size: 3.5 × 4.0 m

Most popular setups:

  • semi-automatic
  • automatic
  • complete automatic line

Expansion options:

  • box folder gluer;
  • full box sealer;
  • roller table buffer for full boxes;
  • palletising machine;
  • label printer or sticker labeller for boxes;
  • machine interfacing with the customer’s ERP.

What are the target industries?

Fastener manufacturers

Fastening hardware wholesalers

Plastic processing

Do you want to see if the machine can bring benefits to your business?

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